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Symmetrical bandwidth Monthly transfer SLA Static IPs Point-to-point fiber Proactive monitoring 24/7 support Free trial Price
10/10 Mbps Unlimited Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
50/50 Mbps Unlimited Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
100/100 Mbps Unlimited Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
1/1 Gbps Unlimited Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bandwidth Transfer Free trial Price
10/10 Mbps Unlimited Yes
50/50 Mbps Unlimited Yes
100/100 Mbps Unlimited Yes
1/1 Gbps Unlimited Yes

Interspace's utmost focus is to provide highest-grade Internet for professional businesses that rely on fast and reliable connection. All Internet plans feature superior fiber-optic link, symmetrical download and upload speed, unlimited monthly traffic, SLA 99.9% and static IP for uninterrupted connection. The service is delivered exclusively over dedicated point-to-point fiber optic lines ensuring flawless super-fast signal flow in comparison to fiber-splitting technology in use by other providers.

We have connections to multiple global and regional Internet networks established over protected and geographically independent fiber routes. Our network architecture is designed to provide fastest transfer rate, multi-level redundancy and highest connection uptime. Our service is ranked in the upper class of Internet services, and not in the class of standard-grade non-SLA backed fiber optic Internet services.


We can provide free activation of the service for a test period of a one week, without any costs or commitments. This is to showcase our advantages in exceptional quality and competitive prices. Click here to quickly verify this possibility.


We operate an extensive fiber optic telecom network in Macedonia that features extremely redundant architecture backed by next-generation terabit routing gear.
Each fiber strand is linked by fusion splicing and verified by extensive OTDR measurements. Dedicated end-to-end fibers are used for each link, instead of splitting fibers. Each line is verified with RFC2544 Ethernet tester.
Certified professionals with decades of expertise committed to safe-guard the uptime of services 24/7/365. We pride ourselves in following and controlling strict procedures to ensure reliable, secure and consistent service.
The switching network is under pro-active monitoring, including constant verification of the optical power levels for each client. Our 24/7 fiber maintenance teams do on-field inspection of the entire fiber infrastructure on a regular basis.
By operating large quantity of bandwith, we're able to provide highly competitive prices.


Hi-Tech Corp. is a globally renewed company that serves top-level customers such as Continental, Siemens, Bosch and alike. It is of vital importance in our business to use communication technologies with highest reliability and uptime. Hi-Tech Corp. turned to Interspace for their feature rich technology for high-grade connectivity services. With Interspace's Dedicated Internet Access service, backed by their pro-active technical support, we are able to leverage our advanced applications and tools and communicate with our international partners with ease.

Jovan Spasik, CTO
Hi-Tech Corp.

Hi-Tech Corp. is the East European leader in Printed Circuit Boards technologies.

We can state with confidence that Interspace is a highly motivated and responsible telecom provider. Setting up the Internet service was seamless with the help of their dedicated Account Manager, who also provided valuable guidance in choosing the right features for our needs. Their dedicated and talented personnel is proactively securing the quality of service. The selection of Interspace as the Internet provider was certainly a worthwhile decision for our company.

Jovica Zivkovic, CTO
New Moment

New Moment is a globally recognized TV/video production company with more than 103 international awards.

Interspace provides us with symmetrical Internet access service at 100/100 Mbps.The service quality is at exceptionally high level. We are happy that innovative companies like Interspace are able to provide higher class Internet, because stable and fast connection has serious impact on business processes in our IT industry.

Vladimir Stoimenov, CEO

VORTEKS ED is a software and hardware developer for major international brands.

Our Public transportation company has selected Interspace for Internet provider of symmetrical access connections at 7 locations in Skopje, as well as for hosting of more than 300 business email and cloud storage accounts. Interspace provides the service via point-to-point fiber optic lines resulting in excellent quality. The high performance of the service enables stable and uninterrupted function of our modern digital system for control and management of the public transport operations.

Nenad Kuzmanovski, CTO
Public transportation company (JSP)

JSP is the largest public transportation company in Macedonia established in 1948.

We at Macedonia2025 are truly delighted with our long-term partnership with Interspace. Their team is highly professional, responsive to our needs, and dedicated to provide the best solution in a timely manner. We are a global non-government organization that maintains daily communication with members and supporters from around the world. Considering the fact that most of our activities are conducted online, for us it is of a great importance to have a high quality, stable and reliable internet connection with all countries – which is something that Interspace is definitely capable of securing. The best thing is that the value for price that we get at Interspace is unbeatable!

Biljana Markovic, Executive Director

Macedonia2025 is the leading global NGO for promoting economic development of Macedonia.