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Unrivaled carrier-grade quality and network reach


Extend your reach to the Macedonian market quickly and cost-effectively using our quality assured network that spans across all key regions in Macedonia, including all major business landmarks. Wherever you operate, you can gain access to our cutting-edge network capable of terabit switching and throughput performance.

Variety of carrier services

Internet (IP) Transit
Managed dark fiber
Data center colocation
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Why us

Our Metro network features extremely redundant architecture backed by terabit capable switching gear. The bandwidth and low latency are guaranteed by using next-generation technology.
Each fiber strand is linked by fusion splicing and verified by extensive OTDR measurements. Dedicated end-to-end fibers are used for each link, instead of splitting (sharing) fibers with xPON technology. Each active line is verified with RFC2544 Ethernet tester.
Our 24/7 fiber maintenance teams do on-field inspection of the entire infrastructure on a regular basis. The switching network is under pro-active monitoring, including constant verification of the optical power levels at each SFP interface.
By controlling the passive and active part of the network, we're able to secure and guarantee extreme service uptime.
We pride ourselves in following and controlling strict procedures to ensure reliable, secure and consistent service. Our dedicated professionals have decades old expertise and are committed to safe-guarded the infrastructure 24/7/365.
We sell high-capacity connections and other carrier services to almost all major service providers in Macedonia.
By operating large number of connections, we're able to provide highly competitive prices.

Depending on the location, we might be able to provide free activation of the service for a test period of one week, without any costs or commitments. This is to showcase our advantages over exceptional quality and competitive prices. Feel free to contact us right now and verify this possibility.

We've got you covered!

Request sales support to learn more about our carrier services offering. Our team of experts is at your complete disposal for laying out solutions and suggestions to help you make the best choice.


Македонски водечки компании, јавни институции, реномирани странски и мултинационални компании ја даваат нивната доверба во нашите способности за обезбедување Интернет услуга од врвна класа.
  • Народна банка на Р. Македонија

    Две Интернет конекции со високи перформанси.

  • Џонсон Мети

    Интернет од висока класа за британска мултинационална компанија.

  • Мин. за надворешни работи

    Три Интернет конекции со високи перформанси и хостинг на 60 бази.

  • Јавно прет. за државни патишта

    Интернет од висока класа и ВЕБ видео стриминг од 30 локации во Македонија.

  • Телеком Словенија

    Обезбедуваме конекции во Македонија на провајдерско ниво за водечкиот провајдер на Балканот.

  • Македонија2025

    Официјален провајдер на Македонија2025 самит - настан со 300 бизнис лидери, дипломати и меѓунадордни експерти.

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